Monthly Archives: March 2015

Event location under review





Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control it is no longer possible to host the event with Southend, at least for this year. We are not giving up and have already started discussions with suitable venues yesterday, we hope to have an announcement in the next week or so.

As mentioned on BBC Look East the business case for the show in Southend just didn’t add up, we were facing high costs for marshaling, water support, policing & fire safety and road closures, that would have impacted the amount and quality of aircraft we would have featured at the show.

This decision is not an easy one to take but we had a choice, either cancel the event or seek an alternative venue where those costs could be controlled or reduced.

We thank you and our Sponsors for all the support in the last few years and hope that you’ll stay with us as we work to bring an airshow back to the South Essex area.