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Southend Airshow and Military Festival is open for business!

Air spectacle now accepting sponsorship as Southend Airshow CIC is formed with support from local businesses

Today John Delaney, Thomas Curtis and Ex Mayor of Southend Nora Goodman MBE signed the papers to incorporate Southend Airshow Community Interest Company.  With the CIC formation completed we can begin to accept both sponsorship and donations towards the event. We are offering a wide range of sponsorship packages that will ensure that businesses large and small can benefit from the large advertising and good will opportunity presented by the first ever Southend Airshow and Military Festival.

Southend Airshow CIC was formed with the support of Goldwyns Chartered Accountants and BTMK Solicitors who are joining Southend Airshow and Military Festival as Service Sponsors. As Service Sponsors, Goldwyns and BTMK offer their extensive expertise and guidance in legal and accountancy for free. This ensures that we have the best possible platform to return this much loved event to the town.

Arthur Millman a director from Goldwyns Chartered Accountants added: “I’m delighted to assist the return of a much loved Southend event which brings pleasure to those who attend & a boost to the local economy”

John Delaney commented: “The Airshow returning in 2014 will be a reality if local people & local businesses follow the fantastic lead set by Goldwyns, BTMK & Billericay IT as Service Sponsors to come forward & fully support our efforts by getting involved & physically doing things to provide services for free or providing cash sponsorship.”

Thomas Curtis added: “Today is a historic day for the Southend Airshow and Military Festival, as we formally incorporate Southend Airshow CIC. The community interest company allows us to accept sponsorship but be able to donate proceeds to charity in keeping with our aims to create an event that benefits everyone. With formation of the CIC, we now have a great foundation for the 2014 event.”

Nora Goodman MBE: “I was very disappointed at the cancellation of this year’s Airshow, but hopefully we now can arrange this wonderful event for 2014”


Community Interest Companies (CICs)

Community interest companies (CIC) are a type of limited company designed specifically for those wishing to operate for the benefit of the community rather than for the benefit of the owners of the company. This means that a CIC cannot be formed or used solely for the personal gain of a particular person, or group of people.  CICs can be limited by shares, or by guarantee, have a statutory “asset lock” to prevent the assets and profits being distributed, except as permitted by legislation. This ensures the assets and profits are retained within the CIC for community purposes, or transferred to another asset-locked organisation, such as another CIC or charity.  A CIC cannot be formed to support political activities and a company that is a charity cannot be a CIC, unless it gives up its charitable status. However, a charity may apply to register a CIC as a subsidiary company.

Echo newspaper partners with Southend Airshow and Military Festival!

Following on from their successful Blood testing campaign the Echo, the leading local and regional media paper has agreed today to partner with Southend Airshow and Military Festival.

The Echo newspaper will promote activities and news leading up to and including the 2014 event. The Evening Echo will also provide its expert regional knowledge to help the Southend Airshow and Military Festival find sponsorship, supporters and volunteers.

John Delaney had this to say: “I am delighted the Echo newspaper recognised the importance of the loss of this substantial event in Essex and have thrown their full weight behind our efforts to bring it back in 2014 as a new revitalised event to support our military & heritage coupled with an exciting weekend of air displays and more”

Thomas Curtis commented: “The Echo is a clear leader in both local news and supporting  community activities, we are incredibly excited that they are supporting the Southend Airshow and Military Festival. We have high hopes for this partnership and cannot wait to get started” 

Evening Echo and Heart Essex feature Southend Airshow and Military Festival announcement!

Southend Airshow attracts a diverse audience of all ages, so it is important to raise awareness via a range of media both social and traditional. We have received amazing support from local papers and radio stations and they have been invaluable in spreading the word about the event

The announcement was incredibly well received on Facebook – reaching an amazing 89,024 people, with 1387 ‘likes’, 908 shares and 108 comments!

Ian Weinfass from The Evening Echo published a half page article on the new name and date for the Southend Airshow and Military Festival!


Our good friends at Heart Essex also interviewed Tom regarding the announcement, which was played over the weekend of 27th/28th!

All in a fantastic day!

Southend Airshow becomes ‘Southend Airshow and Military Festival’


John Delaney and Thomas Curtis, organisers of the Save the Airshow campaign earlier this year are now working to bring the event back to Southend seafront. The popular Southend Airshow which was cancelled in 2013 is planned to return in September 2014. Under private management with a new name the Southend Airshow and Military Festival will pay tribute to nations armed forces, past and present.

A leaner, more dynamic event

Over the last few months the team have been reviewing past plans together with Southend  and have identified numerous areas where cost savings can be achieved and improvements made.

A new date for a better Airshow and a ‘last hurrah’ for the summer season

The traditional May bank holiday weekend  typically coincides with poor weather, reducing the amount of available aircraft and making for a poor event. Southend Airshow and Military Festival is now planned for the 6-7 September 2014. This ensures that the weather will be more favorable and gives Southend business a larger event to end the summer.

A centenary commemoration

2014 is the centenary of World War One, and the new airshow will pay tribute to the armed forces and the great sacrifices they made in this and all conflicts. Details of activities will be announced shortly but the team is working hard to ensure that the event is something the nation will be proud of.

Open call to the community

Southend Airshow and Military Festival is the work of a few dedicated individuals and it is our aim to keep the event free to attend. We need your help and the support of local businesses to make this event a reality, if you can help please get in touch.

Thomas Curtis had this to say on the announcement:

“A new name, a new date and a new theme shows that we are looking to make this the best event for our town, county, families and armed forces. We have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes over the last few months to improve plans, establish new partnerships and forge new relationships to ensure that the event can return better than ever.”